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Cleshon Bess(gentle music) - Cleshon Bess with Cellular Sales, I'm a corporate recruiter. We're a wireless company. We focus on smartphone technology, webcams, and why not use this technology? So candidates are just amazed that we have invested in a product like that, and they're happy to go through a process where technology is at the forefront. My main primary recruitment job is to recruit call center employees and we have multiple screens, multiple programs that we're processing and navigating through. The HireVue setup process is a great indicator of someone that can fit in and provide the skills that we need. As a call center representative, you're dealing with a variety of personalities, emotions on a daily basis, and one commonality when it comes to costs and recruitment, you're gonna deal with irate customers, and it's a situation where you're not in control. And you must face yourself and you must listen intently and be empathetic. Well, think about a HireVue candidate, you're interviewing for a job where you're dealing with irate customers on a daily basis. Why not put candidates in a situation where it's you in the spotlight? How do you behave? How do you handle yourself? Do you rise to the occasion? Or do you wither like a leaf. And again, that's the indirect way we can use to assess someone's behavioral skills, what they may do in different scenarios. Because we create an environment upfront in the recruitment process, we set proper expectations. We are very empathetic when issuing video interviews, letting them know exactly what they can expect, the type of questions they'll see. Let them know that, hey, just be yourself. It's one thing for a recruiter to present a resume and a piece of paper and let that stand for a candidate. But think about the power that comes from a video interview and has that candidate presented himself for a company to review. And it's just that the impact of that first impression that we provide for our candidates. (gentle music)

Using Technology to Improve the Candidate Experience

Cellular Sales leverages video to set proper expectations from the beginning creating a win-win situation for the recruiting team and the candidate.

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