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March 6th, 2024
The HireVue Team
Artificial Intelligence,
Human Potential Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly reshaping how we live, work, and interact with each other. From the moment we get up to the time we go to bed, most of us have been interacting with some form of AI, and AI tools have grown significantly since the introduction of OpenAI and ChatGPT in November of 2022. Now, AI technologies like image and speech recognition, chatbots, and natural language generation are key drivers of business efficiencies and increased value.

The hiring industry is now amongst multiple industries that are more quickly and successfully implementing AI in their processes. Of the 6,000 HR leaders surveyed in the 2024 Global Hiring Trends Report, HireVue found:

  • 34% said they’re comfortable using skills assessments and already use them across the hiring process — up from 29% the year prior
  • 65% use skills assessments to determine potential
  • 21% replaced resumes with skills-based assessments

This article explores how AI is changing the hiring process, the AI tools that are being used, and best practices for incorporating AI software for hiring.

How AI is changing hiring

Almost every HR team is planning on incorporating AI in at least one component of their overall HR process stack. Whether you’ve already dipped your toe into the AI waters or are considering it, the numbers suggest one thing—it works.

AI was first used and has mostly impacted recruiting and hiring, thanks to chatbot and automation technology. It is now being more widely used in mass scanning resumes, evaluating candidates, improving the hiring experience for candidates, onboarding new hires, and managing the overall flow of candidates through the HR funnel.

Candidate engagement

AI was first used to generate job descriptions, tests, and evaluations. Its ability to automate mundane activities further incorporated it into hiring processes. With the evolution of AI technology, recruiters use sophisticated chatbots as the first touchpoint for potential candidates via job boards, social media, LinkedIn, events, and other digital pathways. AI generates customized communications for individual candidates, which increases response rates. It provides timely responses to increase engagement. Finally, AI can encourage prime candidates to take the next step to becoming an employee. 

This personalized interaction allows AI to help evaluate candidates and highlight the ones most likely to succeed in your company. And with the addition of AI-driven analytics, HR departments can see which strategies are most effective.

Evaluating candidates

AI has become instrumental in rapid, accurate, and less biased evaluations of candidates, which is a must for companies that manage high-volume candidate pools. Predictive analytics help place the right candidate with the right job, which better ensures their success on any given team. Furthermore, AI’s natural language processing can better decipher overly written resumes and correspondence to identify elements that help map a candidate’s skills to the most appropriate position in an organization.

With AI algorithms, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can sift through hundreds of resumes and quickly identify prospective employees with the skills that your organization seeks.

At the same time, many skeptics say AI does more harm than good in evaluating candidates. Get educated on the myths of AI in hiring.  

Reducing bias

AI has been criticized for being even more biased than its human counterpart, so it’s important to remember that AI only helps recruiters evaluate. It isn’t a replacement. With proper usage,

AI can help reduce conscious and unconscious human bias in hiring in multiple ways, such as crafting more inclusive job descriptions and conducting structured interviews that are consistent and analyze responses objectively.  

Utilization of AI will continue to grow in the hiring process and increase value to recruiters with  time saved, quality of candidates hired, onboarding, retention, and HR management. HIreVue is committed to the proper, ethical use of AI for hiring. Learn more about the science behind our innovative models.  

AI recruiting tools

AI has already changed the landscape of the industry at every point in the hiring process. These AI tools can help save time, find the right candidates, retain them, and keep your pipeline full and actionable.

Interview scheduling

The time it takes to schedule interviews, as well as getting ghosted for scheduled interviews continues to be headaches for recruiters. Automatic scheduling reduces the time it takes to set up the interviews by pinpointing best times for candidates and sending reminders so accidental no-shows are less frequent.


Human-like interaction is one of the most powerful things AI can do for recruiters. Job seekers probably know they’re interacting with a bot, but still the friendly engagement AI-driven digital interviewing technology provides can build a relationship, ease the anxiety of the hiring process, and ensure that your best candidates move quickly and confidently through your hiring funnel.

AI recruiting assistants

Primarily a text-based resource, recruiting assistants engage prospective hires at initial touchpoints and help you hire up to 4x faster than conventional methods. AI recruiting assistants provide 24/7/365 cross-platform candidate engagement, improve the show rate of scheduled interviews by 20%, and give your team up to 40% more time to do more crucial, hands-on tasks.

Furthermore, AI recruiting assistants can:

    •  Improve the candidate experience helping ensure you don’t lose quality candidates
    •  Match candidates to best-fit jobs more effectively than a keyword search
    • Speed up flow through the hiring funnel
    •  Automate the updating of candidate ATS statuses

With the right AI recruiting assistant, you can reduce time-to-hire by days or even weeks.

The question isn’t whether to use AI tools in your hiring process. It’s about which tools you choose that are right for your operation and hiring needs.

Using AI to unlock potential

HireVue offers Human Potential Intelligence—a new category in hiring that uses AI-driven tech designed to unlock the potential of candidates.  With one end-to-end hiring platform, teams are empowered with a people-first approach that uses Ai to accelerate hiring and improve candidate and recruiter experience. And with an assessment for every job at every level, teams unlock the potential of every workforce. 

  • Reduce bias – Reduce conscious and unconscious bias by mitigating human judgment
  • Improved evaluation – AI quickly and accurately identifies the skills, qualifications, and attributes that you’re looking for
  • Saves valuable time – Automation allows teams to spend less time on manual tasks and more on strategy
  • Improve the experience – because you have more time, candidates get the human communication they need
  • Speeds up time-to-hire – Quicker hiring processes treat candidates with respect, and you’ll help eliminate the risk of first day no-shows

HireVue solutions help you identify the future potential of a candidate within your organization—and can even provide more opportunities for them. Solutions, like Find My Fit, help candidates realize that perhaps open positions are a better fit—so they can start their hiring journey on a smart and empowered foot.

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How to incorporate AI in your hiring process

Incorporating AI into your hiring process is crucial and inevitable. But it needs to be done responsibly and intentionally. Here are some things to consider:


Evaluate your current hiring process and identify the gaps that need to be addressed. And it’s important to continue to evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of any AI tool you incorporate.


As Abraham Maslow once said, “When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Identify the right tool for the job. There is no one-size-fits-all with AI technology. (At least, not yet.)

Ethics matter

Ensure you’re incorporating an ethical vendor into your tech stack. When looking for a vendor, they should be able to easily explain how their technology works, explain it in a way that makes sense, and explain their ROI and validity. HireVue is committed to ethical AI and developed the industry’s first AI Explainability Statement. Learn more about ethical AI and regulation here.

Privacy and security

Ensure you’re investing in a vendor who is committed to security. HireVue employs dedicated information security teams, training, and technology to protect your data and keep your brand safe.  Learn more here

Learn more about HireVue AI-driven tech designed to unlock the potential in every candidate—and connect talent to opportunity. Request a demo here.