Evaluating Your Hiring Process

May 20th, 2014
HireVue Team
Recruiting Teams

In a marketplace built on instant gratification, there's a marked disconnect between the way employers reach ideal candidates and the way modern candidates respond to the hiring process. Hiring practices haven't evolved with the work pool, and applicants continue to experience disappointment as they wait for one, three or even six months to hear back about an interview. How can today's employers reach the tech-savvy generation? According to Entrepreneur online magazine, it may rest in overhauling the hiring process.

An Outdated Hiring Process

Because of the varied and specific nature of jobs in today’s marketplace, the cookie-cutter approach to hiring no longer works. For example, administrative assistants and graphic designers bring something completely different to a company, and recruitment strategies should directly target those specifics. Once a company decides who they need on their team, hiring managers can make effective use of newer technology.

Sifting the Data

Hiring managers can take advantage of public data to seek out employees who meet a company's needs. Investing in more time and resources into combing big data for information allows solid candidate to rise to the top while those who are not a good file can be filed away. Social media also continues to play a huge role in the hiring process and should be seen as a primary resource for modern recruiting.

Tools for Success

You can't build a successful organization without the right people and tools. Today's tools enable HR representatives to expedite and streamline the process significantly. From the utilization of mobile devices to detailed applicant tracking systems, companies need to spend more time training their HR team in current technology so that they can trim down the time and cost of the hiring process.

The interview process causes more grief than any single aspect of the recruitment experience. One of the best ways to shorten the length of the hiring process is for companies to invest in a comprehensive digital interview platform. These platforms not only enable initial interviews to take place virtually, but they also enable interviewers to spend less time and expense conducting the actual interviews.