A Better Candidate Experience

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Amanda Barnes.- I am Amanda Barnes. I'm the Director of Talent Acquisition for TMX Finance. We actually use HireVue for every role, from customer service rep in the field to regional vice president in the field. We use it at all of our corporate positions and we're using it now for our internals which is a new development for us within the last year or so. Every single internal promotion gets and on demand and it's now just ingrained in part of that process. So every new hire, every internal, we're using HireVue everywhere we can to get eyes on candidates and to get that extra layer. But, you know, we're a team that sits in an office. We can't put our eyes on every customer service rep candidate. HireVue allows us to put our eyes on every single candidate ahead of time. It's allowing that personal contact even though we're doing on demands. everyone's going through the exact same process and everyone's getting the same questions which we do on both sides, and to me, that levels the playing field because you can have an amazing candidate, you can have a bad candidate, you know they're getting the same questions, so it's fair, bottom line. So one of the biggest things that we do and we hold pretty sacred is that we reach out to every single candidate prior to sending that HireVue link, or at the exact same time. We want to put a verbal on top of that. We're not just sending an automated link. It does take a little bit more time out of our process, but that's a huge investment for us because we see the dividends on the backside. It's huge. So we call every single candidate, we talk to them, we prep them. We make them feel just, excited about what they're about to do and how it's fun and innovative. And then they come to light on screen and you see it, those are the people that you're like, man, I want that person on my team. I don't care about their background. I've got to have them. I think it is time consuming to make that phone call and to make that commitment, but, man the rewards are huge on the back end and candidates want that. They want clear expectations on what to do. And I think if you're not doing that, you're doing everybody a disservice. At least that's what works for us and that's what I push on my recruiters a lot, but you've got to call everybody. I love technology just as much as the next person, but you've also got to put that human element into it and make them feel the connection. And just this year we revamped all of our questions. We kind of realized what we were doing prior to was the little stale, we weren't getting what we wanted from it. And we decided to throw out the 10 questions that we were using. We condensed it down to four questions that really make the candidate pop and sizzle. And I think it's really cool because a lot of our candidates have never done a video interview before. So we're kind of opening their minds. We're broadening their horizons, but it's such a staple in our department. We've had it for so long that at this point, if we took it away, our recruiters would feel blind because that is our eyes and ears on the candidate first. And what we've heard recently with the switch in our questions is that our candidates are actually loving it. Before they were like, I don't know, like I don't think I did it right, it feels really stiff. And now they're like, that was fun. When can I do it again?

Using HireVue for all positions at TMX, including internal promotions, lets the TMX recruitment team level the playing field for every candidate. And using video technology in combination with active recruiter involvement creates an experience that candidates enjoy.